Be Bold & Courageous about your Brand with word of mouth marketing

Build your online reviews. Attract more customers.

Boast is a review intelligence tool that helps you to dramatically increase the number of public reviews you'd normally have with an automated system.


Works best when your customers do it for you

This is an online system that allows businesses to increase the number of reviews without having to add another task to their day.


Hug your Haters

  • With an automated review collection process, it’s easy to get customers to boast about their experiences, with less effort.
  • Boast monitors reviews about your business on review sites all over the world. Get an instant notification whenever a customer leaves a review. If a negative review is collected by Boast it’s sent directly to you, letting you work through a solution as quickly as possible privately. 



Boast broadcasts your positive customer experiences across your website, industry-specific sites, and social sites. 72% of consumers say online reviews make them trust a business more by showcasing what others say about you, enforcing your marketing and boosting your credibility. Hundreds of reviews on one site is great, but getting hundreds across several and it’s even better.
  • Your website 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google + 
  • Linked In
  • Pinterest
  • Yelp
  • Yotpo & more

See the stars

  • Search engines love reviews because consumers love reviews. Boast is google certified to help your SEO (search engine optimisation). It also displays your star rating next to your website in search results, making you stand out from competitors.
  • Builds conversion and sales by increasing buyers confidence with reviews when it matters the most; at the time of purchase.
  • Use those 5 stars in sale and marketing material! With Boast, it’s easy to export your positive reviews with 1-click and use them across your brochures, flyers and other print material.
  • Reviews can go viral with Boast. Customers can attach photos or videos to their reviews. If it’s a video it’s automatically posted on YouTube while photos are displayed below each review. These Boast collected reviews are unique and increase your review marketing possibilities.

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