The Run Down

At the heart of socialWEB is our core belief in supporting graduate students into the work force, we provide a nurturing environment and real work experience specific to their subject of study. Emerging students into a diverse work environment helps develop their understanding of whats expected from them and empowers them to make effective decisions and develop effective behaviour. 

 People determine the success of our business; a key factor in hiring people today is not solely for skill-set but more so for passion and experience; which simply means it's becoming increasingly popular to hire for attitude and culture and train for skill.

PWR is an incubator that enables our students to build a positive portfolio of not only their abilities but also their capacities, making them far more employable once graduated. 


How you can help

PWR develops the skills that can only be obtained by doing and being. We provide moral leadership, focusing on tacit knowledge to harvest the key qualities that support what the student is training for. 

We are always looking for businesses to work with, if you have a project that requires the skill of our Team, we'd love to hear from you. 

You can help us keep talent in Canterbury by supporting the PWR project.  find out more here

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